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The colours of music The colours of music The colours of music The colours of music The colours of music The colours of music

Data visualisation
'The colours of music'

In July 2009 I participated at a graphic workshop for students in Turkey (‘Yahsibey 17’).
The main project was about data visualisation (‘Mapping data‘) and ‘music’ was my topic.
I asked every student for a list of his top ten songs. For every song I investigated its genre
and speed (bpm, ‘beats per minute’) and, out of those informations, I developed a two-
and three-dimensional diagram. Yarn and a net were the medium of the project.

The genres (classic, pop, rock, folk, traditional, jazz, black music, reggae and electro)
are visualized by the different colours of the yarns.The x-axis of the two-dimensional
diagram stands for each student’s favourite music: one unit is one song, ten units are the
top ten songs of one person (collected by a knot). The left side stands for the male,
the right for the female (the lower knots). The y-axis shows the bpm rate (60bpm - 160bpm).

The shape of the three-dimensional diagram symbolises a music wave. This time I sorted
the yarns after the genre (e.g. 30 yarns green for rock) The knots are symbolizing again the
students. The lower the location of the knot, the faster is their music taste (avarage of the
bpm per person).

Yahsibey, Turkey, July 2009
Yahsibey workshop 17, Lecturer: Rogier Rosema, Jack Broeders

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