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Smells and primair Smells and primair Smells and primair


Smells and the transparent
respirator mask ’Primair’

For the bachelor thesis I chose the topic ‘Smells’. One part of the thesis was
an extensive research about smells. The research contained questions like:
What are smells? How do humans and animals smell? How do we perceive
smells and where are smells used?

For the research I experimented with smells and generated several different

Smelling has a lot to do with breething. Some substances that we are inhalating
are extremely harmful. That was the reason why I decided to design a respiration

Usual respirator masks cover a great part of the humans’ face, also the mouth,
whichis important for the mimic and the nonverbal communication.
‘Primair’ is a transparent respirator mask which could be used in everyday’s life.

University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
7th semester, winter term 2008/2009
Lecturer: Prof. Matthias Held, Prof. Sigmar Willnauer

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