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Minox D Minox D Minox D

'Minox D'

After an analysis of Minoxs‘ classics (miniature camera Minox 35 EL and spying
camera Minox B designed by Walter Zapp) we designed a digital camera for this
brand. It contains only the most important functions: photographing automatically,
watching pitures and saving or deleting pictures.
The display (1) is rising while pushing forward the body. The activator (2) is ready
to make pictures. If you push forward the body, the picture will be deleted.
If you pull back the body, it will be saved. With button 3 you can have a look
at the pictures you have made.

Modelling and Rendering with CAD programme Solid Works.
Project partner: Sandra Weinmann

University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
4th semester, summer term 2007 | Lecturer: Prof. Frank Zebner

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